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Pedicabs have been around since before the turn of the century. They presumably originated in the late 1800’s around 1871, created by a European Baptist Missionary, Johnathon Goble, living in Japan.

The original name for these carts on wheels is Jinrikisha, meaning, “man powered car” or “vehicle propelled by man.” Over the years, its name has changed to the Rickshaw and currently the Pedicab.

The first ones consisted of a cart on wheels, pulled by man. You could load them with whatever and pull them to wherever, thus making transporting items for trade much easier.

By the 1920’s in Singapore, the Rickshaw had merged with the bicycle and eventually evolved into Pedicab. Somewhere around early 1900, the Chinese people asked for permission to use the Rickshaw to carry people. It was not long before they moved into heavily populated cities all over Southeast Asia, like Calcutta. For peasants moving to the city, the Rickshaw was a great means to earning a living. The first generations of Rickshaw/Pedicabs, referred to as the “true Asian taxi,” allowed many workers to provide food for their families. Calcutta is believed to contain the most Pedicabs of any city.

Since their introduction into daily living, they have migrated to just about everywhere in the world. You can find them all over the United States and they are used for a variety of ways to make a living. People still use them to transport goods and other people as well as using them to promote or advertise for their companies.

Many companies today produce the Pedicab. You can buy a simple model, used for transporting people or you can have one special made to fit your type of business, anywhere from courier deliveries to transporting Brides to their weddings. Some have even been built for Environmental waste removal, catering services and for film sets to use in movies.

You can special order the Pedicab to have a cargo hauling body with or without a soft/hard top. You can get one with a flatbed or have one designed specifically for advertising purposes, consisting of a two-sided billboard called an AdTrike.

They also have a wide variety of safety features, including parking brakes, safety cables attached to the body and electrical systems to operate front and rear lights.

The Pedicab has also been updated to carry up to three passengers, with safety belts and a roof you can fold up and down for protection from the weather.

Most are easily maintained and extremely reliable. They have a slow depreciation rate making them a wise investment for you business. The rider generally has excellent visibility and maneuverability. The step through frames allow riders to get on and off from either side. Some include lock boxes under the seat for storage. They can be stored on their backs, taking up less room in your storage area.

The Pedicab is environmentally sound. It is quiet, reliable and fast transportation for people living in heavily populated areas. They are proven to work in all areas of life and to work on all continents. Some cities are also implementing safety laws and regulations for the rider’s protection, making them safer on the streets and allowing them to operate anywhere.

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